The Fichter Lab is interested in synthesizing and developing nanoparticle materials for biological and biomedical applications.

We currently have 3 major projects in our lab:

1.)  Use of quantum dot (QD) nanoparticles as non-viral gene delivery vehicles.  We are currently optimizing the nuclear targeting of these nanoparticle vectors.  This project aims to create efficient and safe therapeutic delivery for gene therapy.

2.) Use of QD nanoparticles for single-molecule imaging of protein receptors in live neuronal cells.  Currently we are focusing on serotonin receptors in an aim to try to understand the molecular basis of psychological diseases.

3.) QDs for the detection of neurological diseases and their progress.  It is currently nearly impossible to detect the presence of, or progression of, the disruptions in the brain that cause major neurodegenerative diseases in living patients.  We aim to synthesize non-toxic nanoparticle theronostics for diseases that currently have no, or poor, detection methods.