Dr. Katye Fichter

Fichter Dr. Katye Fichter was born and grew up in Cincinnati, OH.  She earned her A.A.S in Laboratory Technology from Cincinnati State in 1999.  Afterwards, she worked as a research associate at Procter & Gamble (~ 2 yrs).

She earned a B.S. in Chemistry, with a concentration in Biochemistry from the University of Cincinnati in 2004, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of Cincinnati in 2008 in Dr. Theresa Reineke’s lab.  Her PhD. research investigated the intracellular trafficking of non-viral DNA-delivery vehicles.

Afterwards, she took a postdoctoral research position in Dr. Tania Vu’s Lab at Oregon Health and Science University.  Here, she studied the trafficking of serotonin receptors using nanopartical quantum dots. This project was performed in collaboration with Dr. Paul Greengard‘s lab (Nobel Prize, Physiology or Medicine, 2000).

In addition, she participated in projects involving Si nanoparticles in collaboration with Dr. Andrea Goforth’s lab at Portland State University.

In 2012, she joined the faculty of the Chemistry Department at Missouri State University.

Dr. Katye Fichter’s C.V.

Graduate Students:

Greg Illy
Greg IllyMember Since: Fall 2015

•B.S. Chemistry/Biochemistry, Minor: Biology 2017

Project Summary: I am currently working on the conjugation and functionalization of quantum dots as a potential vector for non-viral gene therapy. I am using a protein, wheat germ agglutinin, as a targeting molecule as a potential way to transport the quantum dots to the nucleus.


Honors, Awards, Certifications, Activities, and Presentations:
•Theta Chi Fraternity Treasurer
•Distinction of Public Affairs 2015 Community Health Group
•Leadershape 2015

Molly Duszynski

Molly Duszynski

Member Since: Fall 2016

•B.S. double-major: Chemistry (Biochemistry), and Biology (Microbiology & Biotechnology), Minor: Mathematics 2017

Project Summary: comming soon







Post-Baccalaureate Researchers:

Brennon Foster

Brennon Foster F2015_resize
Member Since: Summer 2015

•B.S., Biochemistry (Comprehensive). Missouri State University. Spring 2017

Project Summary: In the Summer and Fall of 2015 I worked on a project looking into using quantum dots as sensors for serotonin. I now plan to do work with cellular transfections.

Honors, Awards, Certifications, Activities, and Presentations:
•2015-2016 American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Secretary at Missouri State University
•2015 Emil Lorz Memorial Scholarship Recipient
•2015 Foundation for Immunotoxicology Award
•2013 Harriet H. Ford Memorial Scholarship


Alumni/Former Students:

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